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School Website

Stay up to date with all the latest news and information from Redeemer Baptist School.

Moodle Home Page

Moodle is the old school online learning management system. Many classes are still using Moodle as their online resource centre. Log on to Moodle to access class resources, forums, worksheets, assessment tools and other activities.

Canvas Login Page

Canvas is the new school online learning management system. New classes will use Canvas as their online resource centre. Canvas uses new HTML5 technology to improve access to class resources, forums, worksheets, assessment tools and other activities.

The Hills Regional Skills Centre

The Hills Regional Skills Centre offers vocational education in Business, Construction, Hospitality, and Information Digital Media & Technology for school students. THRSC also offers courses to train teachers, teacher aides, parents and health professionals in literacy, including WRAP.

Maths Online Login

Maths Online is your internet maths teacher. Every topic in the NSW syllabus can be learned or revised here. Packed with outstandingly clear instructions and hundreds of worksheets, Maths Online is great for students wanting to revise, catch up or just improve their maths skills.


Google Apps are a series of web-based services that provide online, mobile productivity tools for individuals, businesses and schools. Tools include: Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs and Google Drive.

Office 365

Online versions of Word, Excel, Access and OneDrive. Users can create and store documents entirely from within a web browser, and access them both at home and at school. RBS users can also download and install Microsoft Office to their home PC or Mac for free.

Help Key

A wiki site containing all sorts of helpful instructions for using the computers at Redeemer Baptist School.

ABC Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is a unique online world where children learn to read. It supports each child's learning by offering individual, one-on-one lesons that allow children to progress at their own rate.

Edrolo Logo

The ultimate resource for year 12 students, teachers and schools. Curriculum focused video lessons, exam practice, and study planning tools. Crafted by the country's best teachers and powered by tomorrow's technology.

Quizlet Logo

Quizlet is an online collaborative tool that allows students in a class to create their own flashcards with terms and definitions and to memorise the terms and test themselves in a wide variety of interesting ways.

Visual Thesaurus

Visual Thesaurus is a wonderful resource for exploring words and their meanings. Log on to Visual Thesaurus to create your own word lists for assignments, for review or for spelling bees.

World Book Encyclopaedia

World Book Online offers authoritative information on a wide variety of subjects. Log on to the school's subscription to obtain full access to the student portal.

tv4education logo

TV4Education allows teachers to select from over 90,000 programs and add them to the school library multimedia collection for streaming to the classroom.

Redeemer Baptist School Library

Have a look at all the books, videos, magazines and other resources that are available in the school library. Search through the catalogue by title, by author or by subject.


The NSW Board of Studies Teaching Educational Standards is responsible for all schooling throughout NSW. You should check their website regularly for important information about syllabuses, upcoming events, testing and bulletins.


SWISSA is the South Western Independent Schools Sports Association. Access the latest results for interschool team sports and interschool carnivals here. Check to see how your team is going in the competition.


Learn, teach and collaborate using digital curriculum resources from The Learning Federation.

Typing Tournament

===== NEW! =====

Typing Tournament is an enjoyable touch-typing tutor available both at school and at home. Students learn with progressive drills and tests, and improve their speed and accuracy using fun, interactive, game-based activities.


Send and receive emails to other students using your web browser. This link will only work internally within Redeemer Baptist School.

Wormholes logo

The Year 9 English wide-reading noticeboard allows you to read and submit your own book reviews. Find out what your classmates think of the books that they have read. Identify books you might find interesting. Tell your classmates about the books you have just finished.


A wide collection of resources from the ABC, including videos, audio files, photos, interactives, and interviews. All resources can be searched by their link to the Australian Curriculum.

Classroom Bookings

Book classrooms and other resources for your lessons. Make sure that you have what you need, when you need it.

Teacher Hub

A website for sharing the information that keeps the wheels of the school moving. (Accessible to staff members only)

RBS Learn Helpdesk

Contact the RBSLearn IT Support Help Desk by sending an email to, and report problems with computers, networks and programs. All problems will be carefully stored in an extensive database. Some problems will even be resolved!

Canvas HelpDesk

Contact the RBS Canvas Help Desk by sending an email to, to request new courses, report problems, or add and delete students. All requests will be carefully stored in an extensive database. Some requests will even be acted upon!

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